Government Ministries

There are over 20 government ministries within Dominica. Ministries are headed by a political appointee, the minister. Notable examples include the Ministry of Carib Affairs, which deals with indigenous people’s affairs and craft development; and the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs, which handles local government, adult education and community development. Permanent Secretaries are the civil service heads of each ministry, and can be head of two or more ministries at a time.

Government Ministries organisations in Dominica
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Carib Affairs
Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs and Information
Ministry of Culture, Youth, & Sports
Ministry of Economic Development and Urban Renewal
Ministry of Finance, Social Security and Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Lands, Housing, Settlements & Water Resource Management
Ministry of National Security, Immigration and Labour
Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructural Development
Ministry of Public Works, Energy, & Ports
Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs
Ministry of Trade, Industry, Consumer Affairs, Private Sector Relations, CARICOM, OECS and Diaspora