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Fiji has a low rate of computer penetration, only 60 people out of 1000 owned a PC in 2006 and around 135 people out of 1000 have access to the internet (2009). Fiji imports most of its computers and electrical equipment. In 2009, Fiji imported US$100 million of electrical and electronic equipment. To attract the development of this sector, the government introduced a 13-year tax holiday for new ICT operators and duty free concession on imports of computers in 2007.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Fiji
Beautiful Pacific
Datec Group Ltd
Devia Bookshop & Stationery Ltd
Digital Sign Technology
Direction Software Solutions (Pacific) Ltd
Dynamic Solutions
Graphic Equipment Ltd
Information System Services
Maxxim Consulting
Poly Products
Radar Consulting
Standss (South Pacific) Ltd
WebHost Services (Fiji)