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Fiji produces nearly all of its electricity via two sources, hydroelectricity and oil. Hydroelectricity provides just below 60% of the power generated in the country, while oil-based generation provides about 40%; the remaining (neglgeneration comes from wind, solar and biomass. Most of Fiji’s oil is imported from Singapore. The Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) is responsible for generating and providing power in the country and sets tariffs for industrial, commercial and domestic use.  In 2009 the FEA generated 740GWh with a peak load of around 140MW. The largest power stations in Fiji are hydroelectric dams in Wailoa and Monasavu, and geothermal power stations at Kinoya and Vuda. The only other power generators in the country are Tropik Woods and Fiji Sugar Corporation, which sell any surplus they generate to the FEA.

Electricity and Power organisations in Fiji
Fiji Electricity Authority