Government Agencies in Fiji

The Ministry of Education is responsible education in Fiji, along with two commissions: the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Commission (TVET). There are almost 1000 schools in the country, of which almost 750 are primary schools and 150 are secondary schools. As well as this there are five further education institutions: the University of Fiji, the Fiji School of Medicine, the Fiji Institute of Technology, the Teachers College and the University of the South Pacific.

Government Agencies organisations in Fiji
Birdlife International
Clean up Fiji
Department of Women & Culture
Department of Women & Culture
Fiji Amateur Boxing Federation
Fiji Amateur Sports Association
Fiji Arts Council
Fiji Association of Sports & National Olympic Committee
Fiji Athletics Federation
Fiji Badminton Federation
Fiji Basketball Federation
Fiji Cycling Federation
Fiji Football Association
Fiji Football Federation
Fiji Hockey Federation
Fiji Institute of Technology
Fiji Museum
Fiji Rugby Union
Fiji Sports Council
Fiji Surfing Federation
Fiji Table Tennis Association
Fiji Visitors Bureau
Fiji Visitor\'s Bureau
Fiji Weightlifting Federation
Fiji Yachting Association
Fiji Yachting Federation
International Tennis Federation
Kini\'s Allied Industries
Ministry of Education, Women & Culture
National Trust for Fiji
Promotion Fiji
South Pacific Forum
The Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
The Library
Wildlife Conservation Society
WWF South Pacific Programme