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Ghana has a 67.3% adult literacy rate, with a 61.2% female literacy rate compared to 73.2% for men (2010). The official language is English, along with a further eight main national languages, although overall over 100 languages and dialects are spoken in the country. French and Hausa are two other major languages whose use has grown. Around 3% of adults aged 18-21 participate in tertiary education.

According to the Ghana Living Standards Survey-Round Five (GLSS 5), males have a slightly higher economic activity rate at 54.9%, than females at 53.4%. Overall, the economic activity rate in rural areas is higher than in urban areas. The dominant employment sector, in which the majority of the working population is employed (55.8%), is agriculture followed by trading (15.2%) and manufacturing (10.9%). However, the highest hourly wage rates are found in financial services. 

The government and labour unions, together with employers, have an important influence in the labour sector through the determination of the minimum wage by the Tripartite Committee. This is responsible for shaping the structure of wages in the formal wing of the labour market. Prominent trading and export agencies are the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited, Ghana Export Promotion Council, the Ghana National Procurement Agency Limited.

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