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Goods can be transported to and from Grenada by air or sea. The roads tend to be narrow and winding, so goods transportation by Grenada’s road network is generally avoided. With a strong agricultural and tourism based economy, shipping to and from Grenada is essential to the nation’s industries. The country has two small ports and a few marinas. The main port used for the transportation of goods is St George’s Port, operated and managed by the Grenada Ports Authority. The port offers a small harbour accommodating vessels up to 208 metres, with maximum draft alongside of 8.5 metres. It provides 5.2 hectares of open storage, a transit shed with 1,858 square metres capacity and another warehouse with 929 square metres capacity.

The Point Salines International Airport, now called the Maurice Bishop International Airport, is Grenada’s primary airport and is located in the parish of St George’s, 4.5 miles from the port. Additionally, there are airports located on the islands of Carriacou and Canouan. Airports are regulated by the Grenada Airports Authority.

Grenada has around eighteen companies listed under freighting and shipping, mostly located in the capital of St George’s. There are lots of international companies which operate divisions in Grenada, including Caribtrans, Sea Freight, Geestline and Tropical Shipping.

A full range of cargo and freight forwarding services is provided on Grenada by American based company Amerijet International Inc. They run an air freight office at the Pointe Salines International Airport, as well as an ocean freight office in St. George’s, in order to offer a comprehensive system. The air station has warehouse facilities, including cold storage, animal handling and hazmat capabilities. They also offer customs brokerage and delivery to all customers in Grenada, with local pickup and delivery services. On request Amerijet can service all of the Grenadines Islands, including Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, Cailles Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island, and Frigate Island.

Additionally, the locally based St Louis Service offers a full range of services in ocean, air and inland freight, along with customs brokerage and freight forwarding. Other local freight forwarders include Keymalik Distributors and W.E Julien and Co Ltd.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for overseeing the shipping sector on the islands. Industry members are represented by the National Shipping Association of Grenada.

Freight, Shipping and Logistics organisations in Grenada
Grenada Airports Authority
Grenada Customs and Excise Division
Grenada Ports Authority