National Agencies

There are 24 national agencies in Grenada. These agencies are working in a variety of sectors, such as infrastructure, utilities, commodities and regulation. National Agencies are publically funded bodies that are backed by an act of Parliament. National Agencies managing the Grenada infrastructure include the National Grenada Ports Authority and Grenada Airports Authority. Authorities involved in the financial sector are Grenada Authority for the Regulation of Financial Institution and Grenada Development Bank. Other National Agencies provide basic services, such as Grenada Bureau of standards, National Water and Sewerage Authority, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and Grenada Postal Corporation.

National Agencies organisations in Grenada
Grenada Airport Authority
Grenada Bureau of Standards
Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited
Grenada Development Bank
Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board
Grenada Ports Authority
National Development Foundation