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The banking and financial services sector in Guyana is relatively small and undeveloped. The sector is comprised of commercial banks, insurance companies, securities registrants, non-bank financial institutions, co-operative societies, and money transfer agencies.There are approximately six commercial banks operating in the country all of which are privately owned. Commercial banks held around 45% of total financial sector assets in 2009. The largest banks in the country are foreign owned and these account for approximately 60% of total assets of commercial banks. The financial sector experienced growth in 2010, with an 8.4% increase in the banking system’s net foreign assets. Non-bank financial institutions saw a 6.5% increase in net deposits.  

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Guyana
Bahardusingh, Rawana Scott & Wigley
Bank of Baroda Inc
Bank of Guyana
Bank of Trade & Industry
Ctizens Bank Guyana Inc
Demerara Bank Limited
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd
National Bank of Industry and Commerce Limited
The Inter-American Development Bank