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Forestry, together with agriculture and fisheries, contributes to 31% of Guyana’s GDP. Over three-quarters of the country’s land mass is covered by forest (2005). The forestry industry is one of Guyana’s main sources of foreign currency income and the total export value of the sector was US$41.9 million in 2010— a 7.9% increase on the previous year. The main forest formations found in the country are montane forest, swamp forest, alluvial marsh forest, dry evergreen forest, broadleaved rain forest, seasonal evergreen forest and semi-evergreen forest.  Approximately half of the state owned forest areas were allocated for forestry production in 2009.  The Guyana Forest Commission is the public body responsible for the management of state owned forests. Some forest areas are also administered by village councils.

Forestry organisations in Guyana
Guyana Forestry Commission