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The adult literacy rate in Guyana is 99% (2009) and virtually the entire population speaks English— the country’s official language. A 2002 labour force survey identified 28% of the country’s work force to be employed in elementary occupations. According to the same survey 11% of the countries labour force are employed as skilled agricultural and fisheries workers, 14% as services and sales workers, and 5% as senior officials and managers. There are several organisations that offer training designed to help people enter the work place. A prominent example is the Guyana Training Agency, established by the Private Sector Commission, which aims to provide Guyanese citizens with technical and vocational skills training. The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency, a division of the Ministry of Labour, is the government agency that aims to assist the country’s unemployed in finding suitable employment. Other employment agencies can be found throughout the country and some advertise job vacancies via the internet.

Human Resources organisations in Guyana
Ministry of Labour