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The Indian financial structure is strong, functionally diverse and competitive on a global scale. India’s soaring demand for financial services has stimulated industry growth and attracted foreign direct investment. The financial system is dominated by the banking sector, with over 100 private, public and foreign-owned commercial banks in the country (2010). A significant portion of these, 19, are majority-owned by the Indian government. Alongside these are the eight banks of the State Bank Group, which consists of the State Bank of India (SBI) and Associate Banks of SBI. The Group is the largest financial services enterprise in the country and one of the biggest companies overall.   ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank are the other large banks in terms of total assets and market share. A number of overseas financial institutions including HSBC, Citigroup, Standard Chartered and ABN Amro have developed strong distribution networks and business relationships in India, either through direct offerings, subsidiaries or joint ventures. Most of their operations of foreign banks are in metropolitan areas such as New Delhi and Mumbai and there tends to be a concentration in corporate banking and offshore financing. Alongside the State Bank Group and the nationalised banks are the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) which aim to provide low-cost financing and credit facilities to rural areas. The banking sector has compared favourably with other sectors in the region on metrics such as growth, profitability and non-performing assets over the few years leading up to 2012.  

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Bank of India
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