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Forestry together with agriculture and fisheries contribute 19% of India’s GDP (2008). Forests take up about 23% of the country area (2006). Forests have been increased at a rate of 0.4% per annum which counters the trend in most countries (1990-2005).  Nonetheless, forest degradation is a matter of serious concern. In order to arrest deforestation and environmental deterioration most of the state governments have at the least partially banned logging in natural forests since the 1980s. Plantations make up about 5% of the forestry estate. The principal plantation species are eucalyptus, poplars, acacias, silver oak and rubber wood. About 70% of India’s timber consumption is met from imports (2008). The Ministry of Environment and Forests is the lead public sector body.

Forestry organisations in India
Ministry of Environment and Forests