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The Indian legal system is based on the English Common Law, a system which stems from the long-standing influence of the British Empire which India was part of. The primary sources of law are the Parliament and the State Legislatures; the secondary sources of law are the cases decided by the courts, which are legally binding. However, local customs are also sometimes taken into account by the courts when reaching a decision. Some sources of Muslim personal law are also applied through the regular court system.

India possesses a Federal system, with both Central and State laws with predefined spheres of application. However, the constitution still enacts a single integrated system of courts which administer both central and state laws. The nature and arrangements of lower courts differ from state to state, whilst each state possesses its own high court. Generally the lower criminal courts are called courts of session and magistrates’ courts. In total there are 21 High Courts in India, of which three have jurisdiction over more than one State, and their decisions are binding to the extent of their respective state jurisdiction. Appeals from the lower courts are taken to the High Courts and subsequently the Supreme Court in New Delhi, the final court of appeal. This consists of the Chief Justice and 25 other Judges who are appointed by the President of India. It also has jurisdiction over disputes between federal and state governments. The constitution provides for an independent judiciary.

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