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The publishing industry in India was rated as the sixth largest in the world in 2011, and is becoming increasingly competitive. The growth of the middle classes has attracted international companies into the scene, making India the third largest English-speaking market (2011). Despite this, the proportion of local printing in English is in decline, in favour of the 24 native dialects. Major players in the country’s publishing industry include the government, which predominantly publishes textbooks; trade publishers Hachette India, and Penguin India amongst others; and academic publishers Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd. and Gyan Books (P) Ltd., both of which are located in New Delhi.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012–13, India is ranked 63out of 144 countries, with a score of 3.7 for its intellectual property protection. By comparison nearby country Iran is placed 112out of 144 on the list and has a score of 2.9.

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