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Short term property prices in India are experiencing some diverse contrasts. Whilst house prices, from the previous year, in cities such as Kolkata (-7.6 %) and Surat (-13 %) have fallen, Chennai (+43 %) and Mumbai (+ 27 %) are experiencing a boom (2010). Non-resident foreigners cannot buy land or property, though they can when resident – however any income from this must stay within India. On the other hand, the government is supporting the construction of affordable housing for domestics.  Indian law is considered to be pro-tenant, with a ceiling on rent, and little protection of landlords in tenancy disputes. The overall property scene remains attractive at the time of writing, due to India’s impressive economic growth. Real estate agents are many in the country although profession is unregulated. A good starting point for agents are the  many insitutes and membership associations which serve the industry and promote self-regulation.

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