Find National NGO expertise in India

India has a long history of civil society based on the principles of daana (to give), and seva (service). Today, approximately 1.5 million NGOs work in India, many of them small and very much dependent on the kindness of volunteers. According to a survey conducted by Society for Participatory Research in Asia, 73.4% of NGOs have one or no paid staff, however it should be noted that the sector employs 19 million people (2009). The same survey showed that the majority of native charity work was engaged in religious activities or social services. Notable examples of NGOs include Deepalaya, which concentrates on the urban and rural poor, and the Smile Foundation, which contributes towards the development of underprivileged children.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in India
Agro-Economic Research Centre
Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group
Nav Jagriti Manay Samaj
Young Women\'s Christian Association
Youth for Action
Youth For Unity and Voluntary Action