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The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is located in Kingston and its main focus is on the promotion of a favourable business environment to facilitate the success of projects for the development of the community. Membership is made up of businesses and professionals and services offered include lobbying the government on issues which affect trade, informing members on changes to government policy which will have an effect on trade and business, maintaining good links with International Chambers of Commerce to ensure that Jamaican business people remain competitive in the international market.

The organisation assisted the establishment of bodies like the Agricultural Department, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association and the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ).

Local chambers of commerce include, to the west of Jamaica, The Negril Chamber of Commerce (a local non-profit NGO serving the business community of Negirl), Hanover Chamber of Commerce, Montenegro Bay Chamber of Commerce and St Ann Chamber of Commerce. To the east of the country, Portland Chamber of Commerce serves the local business community.  

Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce organisations in Jamaica
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