Universities and Colleges in Jamaica

Tertiary education in Jamaica is offered by over 50 tertiary institutions, many of which are private but subsidised. By January 2009, over 40 tertiary institutions in Jamaica had registered with the University Council of Jamaica. One of the most established educational institutions in the country is the regional University of the West Indies (UWI), which maintains one of its principal campuses in Jamaica, the Mona Campus, near Kingston. The campus is one of three campuses of the UWI in the Caribbean and functions as its administrative headquarters. Of the higher education institutions, two are local and public, namely UWI and the University of Technology, while three are local and private, namely Northern Caribbean University (NCU), the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) and the International University of the Caribbean (IUC). Other institutions include the University of Technology, the College of Agriculture, Science and Education, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sports and Knox Community College. There are also a number of overseas universities that have been granted licences to offer courses, primarily via distance learning, in Jamaica. The majority of higher education institutions are not universities. The female-male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 11.1 (2008). Literacy among aged people aged 15-24 is 1995% (2009).

Universities and Colleges organisations in Jamaica
Bob Marley School for Arts Institute
Caribbean Polytechnic Institute
Caribbean Polytechnic Institute
College of Agriculture, Science and Education
College of Insurance and Professional Studies
Commonwealth Secretariat
Joint Board of Education
Mico University College
Northern Caribbean University
United Theological College of the West Indies, The
University of Technology
University of West Indies, Mona