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There is relatively little mining activity in Kenya; mining accounts for less than 1% of GDP. Soda ash is extracted at a large plant at Lake Magadi. The country is believed to have significant titanium deposits. The Government has granted Tiomin Kenya rights to mine titanium at Kwale on Kenya’s southern coast. There have been numerous calls for liberalisation of mining.

Mining and Minerals organisations in Kenya
African Diatomite Industries Ltd
Aqua Mines Ltd
Athi River Mining Ltd
Base Titanium Ltd
Blue Ridge Mining Ltd
Bridges Exploration Ltd
Bura Tana Mining Co. Ltd
Jaffery Minerals
Kenya Fluospar
Kenya Lead Mining Co. Ltd
Kitmin Holdings Ltd
Mineral Enterprises Ltd
Mineral Mining Corporation Ltd
Swensson & Simonet Minerals Kenya Ltd
Tiomin Kenya Ltd
United Mining Co.
White Waters Ltd