Find Oil and Gas expertise in Kenya

Kenya’s total requirement of oil and gas is imported, mainly from the Middle East. About half of the country’s total fuel needs is refined in Kenya at the refinery of Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd, which is owned by the Government of Kenya, BP, Chevron and Shell. The major players in the transportation of oil are the Kenya Pipeline Company Ltd and Kenya Railways Corporation. State-owned National Oil Corporation of Kenya competes in the retail market with the international oil companies; it is mandated to work for rationalisation of fuel prices.

Oil and Gas organisations in Kenya
Africa Oil Kenya BV
Alba Petroleum Ltd
Benin Oil Kenya Ltd
BOC Kenya Ltd
BP Kenya
Carbacid Investments Ltd
Chevron Corporation Kenya
Dalbit Petroleum Ltd
Earth Oil Kenya Ltd
Engen Kenya Ltd
Hass Petroleum Ltd
Kenol - Kenya Oil Co. Ltd
Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd
Kenya Pipeline Co. Ltd
Kobil Petroleum Ltd
Libya Oil Ltd
Metro Petroleum Ltd
MGS International Ltd
Ministry of Energy
National Oil Corporation of Kenya
Orix Oil Kenya Ltd
Shell Kenya
Total Kenya
Trifoil Petroleum Ltd