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The eight regional water services boards supply water to the district and municipal water service providers, which supply water directly to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers, as well as sewage facilities. The Water Services Regulatory Authority regulates the sector, licensing the boards and approving agreements between them and the service providers.

The priority government approved project Nairobi Bulk Supply (Athi Water Service Board) will see the construction of dams at Marargwa and Ndarugu to supply Nairobi Country with bulk water on a public-private partnership basis. The Lake Basin Development Authority and Kerio Valley Development Authority are among the other districts planning dam construction. In the area of solid waste management, Nairobi and Mombasa countries are both due to set up solid waste management projects with private partners.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Kenya
Athi Water Services Board
Coast Water Services Board
Kenya Water Institute
Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
Nanyuki Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd
National Irrigation Board (NIB)
National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation
Rift Valley Water Services Board
Tana Water Services Board
The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB)
Water Service Trust Fund