Education in Kenya

Message from the Minster of Higher Kenya minister educationEducation, Science and Technology

Hon. Prof Margaret Kamar M.P.

The 18th conference of the Commonwealth Ministers comes at the most opportune time when the partnership being proposed will contribute to accelerated development in Science and Technology.

The global economy is undergoing rapid development, where technology, driven by skills and innovation, will be among the key determinants of enhancing efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Through Vision 2030, Kenya intends to become a knowledge-led economy wherein, the creation, adaptation and use of knowledge will be among the most critical factors for rapid economic growth. Realization of the Vision goals is predicated on harnessing the right creative talents capable of raising Kenya’s international competitiveness by enhancing productivity at all levels. It envisages that throughout the education, training and research system, learning will inculcate the use of knowledge to create wealth, improve social welfare and promote democratic governance.

In appreciation of the critical role of skills development for science, technology and innovation in today’s shifting paradigm to knowledge-based economic development and the role that innovation has to play in knowledge-worker economies, the Government established the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology in May, 2008 to harmonize, implement, guide and coordinate higher education, science and technology towards the realization of this agenda.

The Government of Kenya values the contribution of development partners and welcome investment in Education not only from the Commonwealth but also from the fifty four member countries.

Thank you.