The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for facilitating and coordinating Kenya’s international relations. The country’s foreign policy espouses non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, non-alignment and national self-interest. Kenya has good bilateral relations with many countries, particularly with the other members of the East African Community and East African Customs Union – Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania – but also with its northern neighbours, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. Kenya is a member of the United Nations with permanent missions in Geneva and New York.

Embassies organisations in Kenya
Eritrea, Embassy of
Philippines, Embassy of the
Argentina, Embassy of
Australia, High Commission of
Austria, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Vienna
Bangladesh, High Commission of
Belgian, Embassy of
Britain, High Commission of
Canada, High Commission of
China, Embassy of Kenya in Beijing
Colombia, Embassy of
Congo, Embassy of
Czech, Embassy of
Denmark, Royal Embassy of
Ethiopia, Embassy of
Finland, Embassy of
France, Embassy of
France, Embassy of Kenya in Paris
Germany, Embassy of
Germany, Embassy of Kenya in Berlin
Greece, Embassy of
Italy, Embassy of Kenya in Rome
Japan, Embassy of Kenya in Tokyo
Kenya High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan
Malawia, High Commission of
Netherland, Embassy of
Netherlands, Embassy of Kenya in The Hague
Norway, Royal Embassy of
Pakistan, Kenya High Commission in Islamabad
Rome, Embassy of
Switzerland, Kenya Consulate General in Geneva
Thailand, Royal Embassy of
United Kingdom, Embassy of Kenya in London
United States of America, Embassy of Kenya in Washigton