National Agencies

Due to the extensive nature of the government, there are many national agencies which are carry out various functions on behalf of government ministries. They are locally known as statutory bodies in Kiribati. These undertake a wide range of roles such as dealing with infrastructure, as seen with the Kiribati Ports Authority and Telecom Kiribati Limited; to those which are more oriented towards public corporate bodies and enterprises, which are more financially independent, such as the Kiribati Copra Milling Company; the National Housing Corporation (NHC) which controls the local housing stock; the Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund (RERF) which manages earnings from the country’s now-extinct phosphate industry; and the Kiribati Provident Fund, which invests in offshore stocks and bonds.  Most of these were established to undertake activities considered by governments to be inappropriate for the private sector or unlikely to attract private investment.

National Agencies organisations in Kiribati
Kiribati Chamber of Commerce
Public Service Commission