Transport in Kiribati


Due to the relative isolation of Kiribati there is limited transport access. Currently the only way to get there is by one of the scheduled air services. Air Pacific fly twice weekly from Nadi, Fiji to Tarawa and once a week to Kiritimati. Our Airline fly once a week from Brisbane to Tarawa, via Honiara and Nauru. Air Kiribati fly from Tarawa to Nadi, Fiji once a week. Boat services are rare, with only Norwegian Cruise Lines serving the country, which calls at Fanning Island.

Transport organisations in Kiribati
Air Kiribati
Air Nauru
Ingimainiku Shipping Enterprises
Kiribati Inter Island Shipping Service
Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd
MV Super Cat
Nikoraoi Shipping
WKK Shipping