Find Advertising, Marketing and PR expertise in Lesotho

There are a limited number of advertising and marketing companies in operation in Lesotho. The pan-African agency Alliance Media operates in the country, based from their office in Maseru. Alongside this local firms include Flextek Advertising and Lesotho Ads. The Lesotho campus of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology offers a degree in advertising.

The undeveloped nature of the advertising and marketing sector in Lesotho is reflected in its standings in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (2012-13). In terms of the extent of marketing it scored considerably below the world mean of 4.1, with a value of 2.8 out of 7, placing it 131st out of 144 countries. This indicates that companies in the country are unlikely to use sophisticated marketing and tools and techniques regularly. Lesotho ranked slightly higher in relation to buyer sophistication, coming 110th out of 144 countries. It was given a value of 3.0 out of 7, compared to the world mean of 3.5, suggesting buyers are more likely to make purchasing decisions based solely on lowest price than on a sophisticated analysis of performance attributes.