Find Oil and Gas expertise in Malawi

Malawi’s modest requirements of oil and gas are imported via the ports of Dar es Salaam and Mbeya in Tanzania, and Nacala and Beira in Mozambique. No reserves of oil or gas have been discovered in the country. Locally produced ethanol is added to petrol, and usually comprises 10-25% of the fuel. The leading oil company in Malawi is Oilcom, which is 50%-owned by Malawian interests and 50% by the British company BP.

Oil and Gas organisations in Malawi
BP Malawi
Capital Oil Refining Industries Ltd
Energem Petroleum Ltd
Injena Petroleum Ltd
Petroda Malawi
Petroleum Control Commission
Petroleum Importers Ltd
PETROLEUM IMPORTERS Ltd Petroleum Importers Ltd
Petroleum Service Ltd
Prowalco Ltd
Total Malawi Ltd