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The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) is the national trade union centre in Malawi. It is a federation of 20 trade unions, with a membership of approximately 300,000 workers. MCTU works with industries, plantations and the Employers Consultative Association of Malawi to promote, unite and strengthen human rights standards and the social welfare of employees in the work place. With the biggest exports of Malawi being tobacco, tea and sugar, The Tobacco Tenants and Allied Workers Union of Malawi (TOTAWUM), the Plantation and Agriculture Workers Union, and the Sugar Plantation and Allied Workers Union all work to improve working, health and environmental conditions on farms and plantations.

Trade Unions organisations in Malawi
Agriculture Union
Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU)
Consultative Association of Malawi
Customs Union of Malawi
Hotels Union (HFPCWU)
Malawi Congress of Trade Unions
Malawi Municipal Workers Union (MMWU)
Teachers Union of Malawi
Textile Garment & Security Services Union
The Secretary General Congress of Malawi Trade Unions
Tobacco Tenants & Allied Workers Union of Malawi
Transport & General Workers Union
Water Employees Trade Union of Malawi (WETUM)