National Agencies

National agencies in Malawi are publicly funded bodies, commissions, and state-owned enterprises and authorities, and many were established by an Act of Parliament. They include, among many, the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), which is responsible for licensing telecommunications, postal and broadcasting operators; the Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC), which is responsible for housing development, provision and maintenance; Airport Developments Limited (ADL), which owns and manages Lilongwe International Airport; and the Tobacco Control Commission (TCC), which controls all aspects of the tobacco trade in Malawi.

National Agencies organisations in Malawi
Confederation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry
Department of Statutory Corporations
Director of Public Procurement
Investment and Development Bank of Malawi Ltd
Malawi Bureau of Standards
Malawi Bureau of Standards
Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority
Malawi Development Corporation
Malawi Export Promotion Council
Malawi Investment Promotion Agency
Malawi Stock Exchange
National Economic Council of Malawi
Privatisation Commission of Malawi, The
The Anti Corruption Bureau