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Until 1985, tin was the main focus of mining activities in Malaysia, when production declined significantly due to depleted resources, inaccessibility to new sources in already-developed land and price competition with Kuala Lumpur. Currently the country continues to produce tin-associated minerals – ilmenite, monazite, struverite (a columbium/tantalum-bearing mineral), and zircon. Major mining trade associations include the Malaysian Chamber of Mines, The Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (KLTM) and the Malaysia Tin Products Manufacturers’ Association (MTPMA). The focus later turned to iron ore and gold. Some 10.7 million tons were produced in 2012, making iron ore now the lead mining activity in Malaysia; with deposits found in areas such as Pahang, Johor and Perak, with the highest quality found in Terengganu. Gold is another major focus found in what is called the Central Gold Belt in Pahang which continues north into Thailand, at 4.6 million grams in 2012.

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