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Accountancy and auditing services in Malta are provided by a mix of Maltese and multinational businesses. As well as the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms, domestic companies such as EMD, Baker Tilly Sant and Fenlex provide support to many sectors such as online gaming and finance. Auditing of the sector is mandated by the Companies Act which requires every company to keep proper accounting records that explain its transactions and facilitate the preparation of financial statements. In 2009 an amendment of legislation required that all listed and non-listed companies adopt EU International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for accounting, rather than the full IFRS that had previously been required. Further change occurred that year when an amendment allowed non-listed and non-institutional Maltese companies with assets below €17.5 million, revenue below €35 million, and fewer than 250 employees, to prepare their annual financial statements in accordance to General Accounting Principles for Smaller Entities (GAPSE) instead of IFRS. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (2012-13) Malta was placed 16th in the world for the strength of its auditing and reporting standards, with a value of 5.8 out of 7, above the world mean of 4.6.

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Andrew Galea & Associates
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