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Malta has developed a large financial sector relative to the small size of its economy. Banking and financial services form a significant part of the economy, contributing 13% to GDP and employing almost 10,000 people in 2010. This sector has moved from being an offshore “tax haven” to a developed financial services centre, to the extent that the government aims to develop this sector’s contribution to 25% of GDP. As of 2010, the total assets of the Maltese banking sector amounted to almost €50 billion, with an increase of almost €9 billion or 21% since 2009. Whilst the financial services sector is dominated by banking, the investment and fund management industry is increasingly attracting foreign companies. Malta’s banking system was only marginally affected by financial downturn from 2008, due to the strength of its regulatory environment and well-capitalised banking sector. There are 25 licensed credit institutions in Malta, with HSBC Malta and Bank of Valletta by far the largest (2011).

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Malta
A++ Consultancy Ltd
APS Bank Ltd
Bank of Valleta plc
Barclays Bank plc
Central Bank of Malta
Erste' Bank (Malta) Ltd
Garanti Bank
HLB Falzon & Falzon
HSBC Bank Malta plc
Lombard Bank Malta plc
RS Attard & Co - Moore Stephens
Sparkasse Bank Malta plc
Volksbank Malta Ltd