Find Computing and Office Supplies expertise in Malta

Malta has a high level of computer penetration; around 80% of the adult population own a computer and 70% have internet access. Internet services are well developed and nearly all internet users in the country have broadband access.

Microsoft is investing €3 million into an innovation centre which should be operational in 2012. As well as this, large domestic firms such as 6PM and Kinetix provide IT services for Maltese businesses.

GoldenGate is one of the largest office supplies companies in the country.   

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Malta
2i Ltd
C C Training Ltd
CC Media Network Ltd
Computer Domain Ltd
Exigy Ltd
Eyetech Ltd
GFI Software Ltd
Kinetix IT Services Ltd
Megabyte Ltd
PC Options Ltd
Philip Toledo Ltd
Ultra Computer Store
Uniblue Systems Ltd