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The Middlesea Group owns the biggest and most dominant life assurance and general insurance concerns in Malta: Middlesea Insurance and MSV life. Malta has also established itself as a centre for the international insurance industry due to its unique and favourable regulatory environment and legislation. Examples of this legislation include allowing large insurers to move subsidiaries to Malta and to facilitate the creation of protected cell companies (PCCs). A PCC is a type of captive insurer – these entities are created specifically to insure the risks of their parent companies. As a result of this new legislation, the value of assets managed by insurers in Malta has increased from €500 million in 2008, to €1 billion in 2010. There were around 15 insurance managers and 10 captive insurers operating from Malta in 2010. The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) regulates this industry and the relevant trade association is the Malta Insurance Association (MIA).

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