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Tourism is an important part of Malta’s economy, contributing €1,776.8m to its economy and employing 46,000 people (28.6% of workforce) in 2011 (World Travel and Tourism Council -WTTC).  According to the WTTC Malta ranks 13th out of 181 countries for the relative contribution of tourism to its economy, with a 14.5% share of GDP compared to the world average of 5.2% (2011).  Tourist arrivals are mainly from the UK and Italy, although 25% more German tourists visited in 2011. In 2010 visitors totalled 1,332,000.  During the first half of 2011 (January–June) almost 620,000 tourists arrived in the country, an increase of 12% from the year before.  In the same year visitor exports generated €1,047.6m (18.6% of total exports).  This is predicted to fall by 4.6% in 2012, but grow by 2.7% p.a. from 2012-2022.  The Maltese tourism sector remained fairly stable despite the financial crisis in 2008 that seriously affected the global tourism industry although the hotel and restaurant sector lost 10% of its GDP over 2009 to 2010.  The tourism and travel industry is regulated and promoted by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), which is part of the Office of the Prime Minister.  Alongside the MTA, the Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit ensures that Malta meets EU policy regarding tourism and the environment.

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