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Mauritius’s banking sector is one of the most developed in sub-Saharan Africa and the country holds a unique position in the international market for financial intermediation. There are about 19 registered banks in the country, with nearly 180 branches. The banking system is well capitalised and in terms of onshore banking Mauritius Commercial Bank and the State Bank of Mauritius hold a significant share of the market. With an attractive tax regime and stable economy, Mauritius is a viable option for offshore banking, the major players of which are Barclays, HSBC, Banque Internationale des Mascareignes and Standard Chartered Bank. As of 2008, changes to the Banking Act 2004 enable banks in Mauritius to provide Islamic Banking services. The introduction of Islamic finance has provided Mauritius with a great opportunity to diversify its financial sector and provide new services in areas of banking, wealth management and investment.

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Mauritius
AfrAsia Bank Ltd
Anglo Mauritius Financial Services Ltd
Bank International Indonesia
Bank of Baroda Mauritius
Bank of Mauritius
Bank One Mauritius
Banque Internationale des Mascareignes Ltee
Barclays Bank Mauritius
Bramer Asset Management
Bramer Banking Corporation
DCDM Financial Services
Deutsche Bank Mauritius Ltd
Development Bank of Mauritius
Dit's Finances
Financial Services Commission
Financial Services Promotion Agency
First City Bank Ltd
Habib Bank Ltd
Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
HSBC Mauritius
Indian Ocean International Bank Ltd
Infinite Corporate Finance Ltd
Investec Bank Mauritius Ltd
Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants
Mauritius Meteorological Services
Mauritius Police Force
Mauritius Post & Cooperative Bank
SBI Mauritius
SBM Nedbank International Ltd
South East Asian Bank Ltd
Standard Bank (Mauritius) Limited
Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
State Bank of Mauritius