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Mauritius has power plants with an effective capacity but the country has no known oil, coal or gas reserves and is heavily dependent on imported sources of energy. Electricity is produced from imported fossil fuel, coal and bagasse (a by-product of sugar). According to the country’s Central Statistics Office, diesel and fuel oil account for almost half of electricity generated, coal for 34% and bagasse for 19%, while hydroelectric generation accounts for less than 4% and kerosene for 0.2% (2007). The state-owned Central Electricity Board (CEB) under empowering legislation holds the sole right for the transmission, distribution and commercialisation of electricity. Independent Power Producers (IPPs) hold private power generators for the sugar industry and meet almost 60% of Mauritius’s electricity needs. The Ministry of Public Utilities maintains that 22% of the country’s electricity is generated from renewable sources (2007), and the government has recently set up a special fund called the Mauritius Ile Durable Fund to further the production of renewable energy.

Electricity and Power organisations in Mauritius
Central Electricity Board
Chevron Ltd
Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Rey & Lenferna