Find Human Resources expertise in Mauritius

Mauritius has a highly skilled bilingual (French and English) workforce, and the adult literacy rate stands at about 87% (2007). The country offers a young labour force, with a well-developed professional labour force, including IT, engineering, law and accounting. Work permits are necessary for foreign workers and are issued for periods of between six months and three years. There are up to 20 recruitment agencies in the country, and some agencies are allowed to recruit outside Mauritius. The government regulates the recruitment agency sector.

Human Resources organisations in Mauritius
Aboo Bakar Sidick Khodabux
Appavoo Professional Recruitment Ltd
Arbun International Ltd
Benazzo Consult Ltd
DCDM Recruitment Services Ltd
Direct Recruitment Solutions Ltd
Eversun Co. Ltd
International Manpower Services Ltd
Job Selecta Ltd
Ministry of Education, Culture and Human Resources
Nationwide Recruitment Services
Nival International Ltd
Service Bureau Ltd