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Tourism plays a significant role in the economy of Mauritius, and the sector has been a key factor in the continuing development of the nation.  In 2011 the direct contribution of travel and tourism to Mauritius’s GDP was MUR41.9bn, rising to MUR94.6bn if the total contribution is considered (World Travel and Tourism Council estimate, 2011). In 2011 the sector supported 67,500 jobs directly (12% of total employment) and 151,500 jobs indirectly (26.9%).  Employees in the tourism sector are supported by the Tourism Employees Welfare Fund, which aims to provide for their economic and social well-being.  Overall travel and tourism provided 28.6% of GDP in 2011, placing it 20th in the world (out of 181 countries) in relation to the relative contribution of the industry to a country’s economy, compared to the world mean of 14% (World Travel and Tourism Council).  Tourism is the third most important sector in terms of foreign exchange earnings, after manufacturing and agriculture.  Visitors from France occupy the largest share of tourist arrivals, with Reunion Island and the United Kingdom also providing significant numbers of visitors. Tourist arrivals numbered over 935,000 in 2010 (UN World Tourism Barometer).  Indeed visitor exports are a significant part of the direct contribution of travel and tourism, generating MUR51.8bn in 2011, or 35% of total exports.  

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