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The Ministry of Public Utilities is at the top of the hierarchy of bodies tasked with the management of water resources. Delegated power is vested in the Water Resources Unit, responsible for the assessment, management, development and conservation of water resources. The other two subsidiary bodies are the Central Water Authority (CWA) and the Waste Water Management Authority (WMA). The Forestry Service is also responsible for water management because within the framework of the National Forest Policy, water conservation forms an integral part of forest management. The Scientific Services Department, which falls within the CWA, is responsible for the quality control of drinkable water as per the World Health Organization (WHO) standard specifications. The Housing and Population Census survey conducted in 2000 showed that almost 100% of the population had access to piped potable water. In 2010, 96% of the population had access to an improved drinking water source and 98% to adequate sanitation facilities.

Water and Sanitation organisations in Mauritius
Central Water Authority (CWA)
Irrigation Authority
Mauritius Forestry Service
Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities
Wastewater Management Authority