Find National NGO expertise in Mauritius

Civil society plays an important role in Mauritius. Multiple organisations across a broad range of sectors assist with crucial services and continual development initiatives. The list is extensive and includes organisations that provide educational facilities, like the Indian Educational Association; organisations concerned with the environment and sustainable development, like Reef Conservation Mauritius and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation; organisations involved in domestic affairs, such as the Women’s International Association and the Mauritius Family Planning Association; and organisations that specifically deal with health-related issues, like PILS, an organisation which helps in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the Mauritius Heart Foundation. The Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS) is the recognised umbrella body for NGOs in Mauritius, and plays a vital role in coordinating initiatives of both international and locally based NGOs. NGOs and youth movements are also involved in water conservation activities.

National NGOs & Civil Society organisations in Mauritius
Action for Development
Halley Movement
Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, The (MWF)
Mauritius Alliance
Mauritius Council of Social Service
Mauritius Family Planning & Welfare Association (MFPWA)
Mauritius Scout Association
Reef Conservation Mauritius (RCM)
Rural Women's Association
Women's International Association
YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association