Research Institutes in Mauritius

There are several higher education institutions and independent research institutes in Mauritius involved in undertaking research across many disciplines. Notable among these are the Albion Fisheries Research Centre, which carries out the research, development and management functions of the Ministry of Agro Industry, Food Production and Security; the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI), which undertakes agricultural research on sugarcane crops; the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU), which focuses on non-sugarcane crops and livestock; and the Mauritius Institute of Health, which carries out health systems research. Mauritius is positioning itself in high-end biomedical research by promoting the development of niche areas like drug discovery, bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, clinical trials, pre-clinical development, stem cell research, nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

Research Institutes organisations in Mauritius
Agricultural Research & Extension Unit (AREU)
Albion Fisheries Research Centre
Mauritius Institute of Health
Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI)
Research Centre for Mauritius Flora and Fauna