Tourism in Mauritius

Mauritian society is made up of people from many different ethnic groups and the diversity of cultures gives this island in the Indian Ocean a unique charm; Mauritian cuisine can also satisfy any pallet. The blue lagoons inland and white sandy beaches of the multiple resorts along the coastline make Mauritius an extremely popular holiday destination. With coral reefs surrounding most of the coast, scuba diving is extremely popular here. Mauritius is also considered one of the best spots for deep-sea fishing. Other popular activities include hiking and mountain biking. Mauritian wildlife includes the Green Gecko Phelsuma and the Aldabra giant tortoise, as well as some of the world’s rarest birds like the kestrel.

Tourism organisations in Mauritius
Association of Incoming Agencies of Mauritius
Association of Rodrigues Tour Operators
Mauritius Association of IATA Travel Agents
Mauritius Tourism and Leisure
Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
Ministry of Tourism and Leisure
Tourism Activity Professionals Association (TAPA)