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There are several commercial banks that operate in Mozambique. The commercial banks have their head offices in Maputo, but also have branches throughout the rest of the country. They include Millennium BIM, Barclays Bank, Standard Bank (SB), SARL, Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI Fomento), Banco Internacional de Comércio (ICB), Mauritius Commercial Bank African Banking Corporation (Moçambique) (ABC), First National Bank and Banco Mercantil e de Investimento (BMI). The central bank has also registered seven credit co-operatives, one investment company, one leasing company, one locally based foreign credit institution, 22 foreign exchange bureaus, eight microfinance institutions and over 60 micro financing operators (2012).

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Mozambique
African Banking Corporation Mozambique
Alexander Forbes Mozambique Ltd
Banco Comercial e de Investimentos, SA
Banco de Fomanto
Banco de Mocambique
Banco Internacional de Comércio, SARL
Banco Mercantil e de Investimento, SARL
Banco Terra
Bank of Mozambique
Barclays Bank Mozambique
First National Bank
International Commercial Bank Mozambique
Mauritius Commercial Bank (Mozambique) S.A.
Millennium BIM
People's Bank of Development
SOCREMO - Banco de Microfinanças de Moçambique
Standard Bank Mozambique
Swiss Capital Partners Ltd
United Bank For Africa