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The manufacturing industry contributes about 16% to Mozambique’s GDP (2007). The main manufacturing products include wheat flour, food, beverages, chemicals (fertiliser, soap and paints), aluminum, petroleum products, textiles, cement, glass, asbestos and tobacco. The importance of agriculture is reflected in the manufacturing industry in relation to the food and beverage industry, with the most important product in terms of commercial value being beer. In an African context, Mozambique competes strongly in the wood and furniture sector. The textile, aluminium, iron, steel, coal, gas and agro-industry have been highlighted by Mozambique’s Investment Promotion Centre (CPI) as noteworthy industries to consider.

Industry and Manufacturing organisations in Mozambique
Alves Santos & Sons Ltd
Arkay Plastics Mozambique Ltd
Bell Equipment Mozambique Ltd
BP Mozambique
Cements of Mozambique
Cimpogest Plastics Industry
Damodar Iron Ltd
Development Co. Ore
Factory of Paints Pintex
Factory of Steel Springs & Accessories Ltd
Flexible Plastic Ltd
Ginav Ltd
Hariche Steel International
Inchope Wood Ltd
Industry Sotomane
Intermetal SARL
Jomel Machines and Accessories Industrial
Jumbo Plastics Ltd
Karone Machinery Equipment Ltd
Magtank Ltd
Matola Block Yard Ltd
Mozal Sarl/ BHP Billiton
Mozambique Holdings Ltd
Multivendas Ltd
Nat Africa Construction Manufacturing
Neuce Paint Industry of Mozambique Ltd
Norco Mozambique Lda
Norpet National Industry of Plastics Ltd
Paint Industry of Mozambique Ltd
Polytech Industries Ltd
Riopele Textiles Mozambique
Royalle Steel
Sagres Industrial & Commercial Ltd
Simbe Lda
TCT Forestry Industries Ltd
Zaveri Industrial Ltd