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There are significant reserves of natural gas in Mozambique. The three gas fields are in Pande, Temane and Buzi-Divinhe. Temane and Buzi have established reserves, while Pande generates just enough to supply the local villages. The key players undertaking research to establish the viability of opportunities include Enron Oil and Gas Resources Inc, Energy Africa, Sasol Petroleum International, Leopardus Resources Ltd, Zarara Petroleum Resources, TotalFinaElf SA, Trefoil Ltd and Lonrho de Provuma Petroleum. Companies that have gained prospecting rights to look for oil include, among others, Houston-based Anadarko from the US, ENI of Italy, Artumas of Canada, Norsk Hydro of Norway and Petronas of Malaysia. The distribution and marketing of fuel products and lubricants is carried out by Petromoc (state owned) and BP, Mobil and Caltex, while Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos de Mocambique (ENH) has sole rights to explore and develop petroleum. Biofuel exploration is being undertaken by the Brazilian company Arranjo Produtivo Local do Alcool (APLA) for export purposes to Brazil.

Oil and Gas organisations in Mozambique
Anadarko Moçambique
Arranjo Produtivo Local do Álcool
BP Mozambique
Caltex Mozambique
Chevron Oil Mozambique
Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos de Mocambique (ENH)
Engen Petroleum Mozambique Ltd
Exor Petroleum Mozambique Ltd
Globgas Ltd
Hydro Norsk
Independent Petroleum Group (IPG)
Magpetroleum Mozambique Ltd
Matola Gas Co.
Mavi Gas Ltd
Mobil Oil Mozambique
Mocapor Ltd
Mozambican Company of Crude Oil Ltd
Niassa Oil
Petrogal Mozambique Ltd
Sasol Mozambique
Shell Mozambique Ltd
Statoil Oil & Gas Mozambique Co.
Total Mozambique
Vidagas Ltd