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The most established publisher and printer in Mozambique is the National Institute of Books and Records, which is primarily interested in producing books in Portuguese and Mozambican national languages for literacy and educational purposes. Pearson Education Africa is an international player here, publishing educational materials to support the local school curriculum, under the Longman and Heinemann imprints. In terms of digital publishing, as early as 2002, various independent media suppliers provided websites, and six periodicals transmitted daily editions electronically to support a combined subscription base of around 1,500 subscribers.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2012–13, Mozambique is listed 128 out of 144 countries and has a score of 2.6 out of 7.0 for intellectual property protection. By comparison neighbouring country Zimbabwe is listed 94 out of 144 with a score of 3.1 and South Africa is ranked 20 out of 144 with a score of 5.3.

Printing and Publishing organisations in Mozambique
Diario de Mozambique
National Institute of Books and Records
SGL Group - Mozambique
Spectrum Graphics Ltd