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The most established publisher and printer in the country is the National Institute of Books and Records, which is primarily interested in producing books in Portuguese and Mozambican national languages for literacy and educational purposes. The growth rate in the printing industry is relatively low. This can primarily be ascribed to the high cost of imported newsprint and the costs of printing. The only private news organisation that has its own printing press is Diário de Moçambique, which is owned by the Commercial News Society of Beira. Various initiatives in the SME market are currently being supported by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) and the first Mozambican company that obtained support of the Mozambique SME Initiative was Spectrum Graphics Ltd, a pre-press design and printing services company that obtained both investment and technical assistance. In terms of digital publishing, as early as 2002, various independent media suppliers provided websites, and six periodicals transmitted daily editions electronically to support a combined subscription base of around 1,500 subscribers.

Printing and Publishing organisations in Mozambique
Diario de Mozambique
National Institute of Books and Records
SGL Group - Mozambique
Spectrum Graphics Ltd