Government Ministries

There are over 20 distinct ministries that serve the people of Mozambique. The President of Mozambique has the power to create ministries and ministerial commissions, as specified by the country’s constitution. The prime minister advises the president on the creation of ministries and ministerial commissions, and on the appointment of members of the government. The prime minister also coordinates and controls the activities of ministries and other government institutions. The elected government forms the Council of Ministers, which directs and coordinates the activities of the ministries, and reports to the president. The highest ranking civil servant in each ministry is the permanent secretary.

Government Ministries organisations in Mozambique
Ministry for Co-ordination of Environmental Action
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Fisheries
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Mineral Resources
Ministry of Planning and Development
Ministry of Public Service
Ministry of Public Works & Housing
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of State Administration
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Transport & Communications
Ministry of Veterans' Affairs
Ministry of Women and Social Welfare
Ministry of Youth and Sport