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Manufacturing contributes 12% of Namibia’s GDP. The main manufacturing activities are light industry-based and directly link with the country’s agricultural sector. They include meatpacking, fish processing and dairy processing. Fish processing is a fast developing sector in terms of employment growth and income. The fish industry as a whole is six times the size of what it was at independence in 1990. Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone was set up in the 1990s to create a tax-free commercial environment for manufacturers and exporters.

Industry and Manufacturing organisations in Namibia
ACS International Ltd
African Kirikara Art & Craft Studios & Gallery
Aquataga Fishing Pty Ltd.
BP Namibia
CIC Holdings Limited
Deep Catch Trading
J S M Manufacturers
Joys Manufacturing Ltd
Meat Corporation of Namibia Ltd
Meriden Sea Products
Namibia Dairies (Pty) Ltd
Namibia Dairies Ltd
Omugongo Investment Group
Total Namibia