Research and Consultancy in Namibia

Consultancy services span many sectors, including general business consultancy, tax and accounting consultancy, mining consultancy, human resources consultancy and environmental consultancy. The ‘big four’ consultancies have varying levels of presence in the country. For a country with a relatively small population Namibia has a vibrant research community comprising several independent organisations, such as the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, the Institute for Public Policy Research, Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU) and the National Botanical Research Institute of Namibia. Many of these organisations provide contract research services, and publish much of their work in newspapers and magazine articles, fact sheets, pamphlets, books and peer-reviewed journals.

Research and Consultancy organisations in Namibia
Aqua-Quest Solutions Ltd
Criaa Sa - Dc
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
DivineLink Consult
Ecoguide cc
Enviro Dynamics Ltd
Marianne Strohbach
Namibia Institute of Pathology
Namibia Resource Consultants
Namibian Biotechnology Alliance
Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU)
Raison cc
The Institute for Public Policy Research
The National Botanical Research Institute of Namibia
Versacon cc
Vision Africa